Lap Pools

Here’s what most people think of if they think of a lap pool:
  • Simple Rectangle
  • One Color
  • One depth

Those ideas could not be more wrong!

There are actesticly pleasing pools out there that serve as lap pools for one member of the family while other members of the family enjoy other activities.
Lap pools can include lots of features that make them more multi-use:
Caves, Grotto, Diving boards, Slides, Barstools, Sundecks, Ledges, and many other accessories.  Also, they can be any shape that your landscape will tolerate.  To sum it up Your Lap Pool (built by us) just needs a straight line in your pool it can serve as a lap pool.
The lap pool is the perfect place to exercise. Think about what you want out of your exercise. You want it to burn calories and increase your cardio-vascular capabilities. You’ll get a great aerobic workout in a lap pool. Of course other exercises like running or jazzercise will do this as well. But they aren’t the complete package. That’s because you also want your workout to be low-impact. In other words, you don’t want your joints to take a pounding like you’ll get by street running. This is especially true as you get older. Who needs the joint aches and pains just because you want to get in shape. You’ll have no such problems in a lap pool. You may also want to increase your strength. Resistance training is the key to this, and it’s why weight lifting is so popular. But the water provides great resistance as well, therefore increasing your strength.
For all of these reasons, the lap pool is quickly increasing in popularity among serious athletes in training facilities, but they are also gaining in popularity for home use. If needed they can be built with a narrow footprint–making them easy to clean and regulate. Traditional lap poolsdon’t take up the space of traditional pools. Lap pools can be built indoors or out.

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