Sport Pools

Wanna Play? A Sport Pools is the name for an activity based pool–the place where games and play happen in the water.
Is it a swimming pool on steroids? No way! But there is just so much fun and silliness to be had when you have your own sports pool.┬áThere are many names that come to mind when thinking of this kind of pool. Some call it a sports pool, a play pool, ‘fun in the sun’ pool, volleyball pool, or just plain swimming pool.
Whatever you decide to call it, a sports pool is a great choice for an active family. There’s usually plenty to do for everyone and they are relatively safer than most typical swimming pools.
  • A sports pool is usually no deeper than five feet. The two ends of the pool are shallow enough to stand waist deep in with the deepest part being in the middle, this makes it ideal to play in since no one will have the unfair “on the tip of my toes”, or “I can’t swim” disadvantage.
  • Some of the most popular uses for a sports pool include water games such as volleyball, basketball, water polo, and the infamous “Marco!….Polo!”.
  • You can also use your pool as an exercise pool (water arobics) and to swim laps. That is an excellent way to get your cardiovascular system up and running.
  • There are also many accessories that go very well with a sports pool, for example, a water slide can be added for some “extra fun”. Typically, the middle of a sports swimming pool will be the deepest, therefore, it would the ideal spot to land from the water slide. All you have to do is sit back and watch the smiles abound.

There are virtually endless possibilities with a sports pool, I mean, play, wait…’fun in the sun’ pool. Well, whatever… just get a sports pool and have a blast!

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